Devil Worshipping in the Hip-Hop Community

Jay-Z. Beyonce. Rihanna. Kanye West. Drake. Jeezy. Rick Ross. — The list goes on and on. All celebrities accused of being devil worshippers/a part of satanic cults/ illuminati members.

I honestly dont see how any HUMAN can accuse another HUMAN of such exteme actions.

Weren’t we all born of sin?

BY NO MEANS am I any kind of Jay-Z fan, but despite that, I refuse to accuse someone of being a devil worshipper!

And even if all the accusations were true, how does that really affect YOUR life? If your life is that caught up in the life of a celebrity, you might wanna watch who you’re worshipping!

Who do you think starts these rumors? and why?

Goal: Destroy image of Hip-Hop?  — Who knows!

I’m not saying the accusations are correct or incorrect, because as an outsider, I would have no idea.

But i do know it’s morally wrong to point the finger at anyone, especially with such an extreme topic thats foundation is built upon nothing but rumors and speculations.


God bless.