A Look At Jeezy’s Top 10 Intro Tracks

Earlier this year, the hip hop world celebrated the 10-year anniversary of Jeezy’s debut album Thug Motivation 101. Now, six albums in, a prestigious mixtape catalog, and over 3-million records sold – Jeezy has cemented himself as not only an Atlanta legend, but an iconic figure of the south, in general. Over these last ten years, Jeezy has been known to give us some great introduction tracks to his projects. In honor of his career, we take a look at the best intros from the Snowman.

The Bun B/Jeezy relationship has been a consistent one that dates back to the beginnings of Jeezy’s career – and possibly earlier than that. In 2004, Tha Streetz is Watchin mixtape dropped and scorched the streets that summer and BMF was making power moves in the rap game. Over Here gives us the classic “we getting money over here” sample and lands at the #10 spot.

10.) Over Here feat. Bun B (Tha Streetz Is Watchin – 2004)

“We gettin money over here/What it do pimpin'”

Fast-forwarding quite a bit of time here to 2012 with the new imprint CTE (replacing USDA) and Jeezy starts the tape off nicely with a bit of a style switch from the rest of his intros with El Jefe.

9.) El Jefe (Its Tha World – 2012)

“Let you niggas in/how the fuck you gone out me?”

Throughout his career, Young is known to give us a mixtape within a 4-6 month span of an album release. Prime Minister dropped right before The Recession. This mixtape came after the 2 year gap after Jeezy dropped TM102 and in turn was probably his greatest stretch of improvement.

8.) I’m Here (The Prime Minister – 2008)

“Niggas pockets get slim and they get shady”

From 2010 to 2011, Jeezy tore up the streets (and the internet) with a myriad of mixtapes on the run to the highly anticipated Thug Motivation 103. The Real is Back sequel definitely deserves a spot on this list – without question.

7.) The Real is Back 2 Intro (The Real is Back 2 – 2011)

“I was a boy in the hood before I ever knew Puffy”

The anticipation for Thug Motivation 103 slowly turned into a Detox-esque project. It seemed like every 4-6 months we were getting promises that it was on the way. At the end of 2011 Jeezy finally delivered with Thug Motivation. Although the project didn’t necessarily live up to the hype, it was a very solid album with another solid introduction.

6.) Waitin – (Thug Motivation 103 – 2011)

“4 albums in/niggas still talkin this real shit”

Trappin Aint Dead dropped and was the prequel to his run to TM103. This was probably one of his most well-rounded tapes with another classic ‘talk that shit’ intro.

5.) Trappin Aint Dead (Trappin Aint Dead – 2009)

“Critics say he on hold/he won’t change it up”

TOD2 was an important landmark for Jeezy’s career. In an era where rap was moving away from being street-centered, and talks of Jeezy falling off, trap rap being dead, and 103 never coming out – TOD2 staked Jeezy’s relevance in rap. Of course, this didn’t top the original Trap or Die, but it definitely put a spotlight back onto the release of 103. This track is a bit on the short side, but it’s still deserving of a top 5 spot.

4.) Trap or Die 2 (Trap or Die 2 – 2010)

“You can’t just say ya real/it’s something you gotta be”

Jeezy’s best album introduction track, welcomes us to the crossroad of Jeezy’s street talk and political commentary that would continue to evolve throughout his career.

3.) The Recession Intro (The Recession – 2008)

“My auntie on Section 8/then why aint her credit straight?”

The Real is Back introduction is simply flawless. A verse all Jeezy fans can rap on the spot. Dj Drama x Jeezy reconnected and made a classic mixtape. Nothing to debate here.

2.) The Real is Back (The Real is Back – 2011)

“We don’t wanna hear ya imagination/just state facts”

Of course, the Trap or Die intro tops this list. Pure legendary. How else would we have known that Jeezy kept the cola like soda machines?

1.) Grown Ass Man (Trap or Die – 2005)

“Now I can’t slow down/That’s too close to stoppin”

Honorable Mention:

  • U Know What It Iz (I Am The Street Dream! – 2006)
  • Hypnotize (The Inspiration – 2006)