NXT UP: Rising STL Artist – Freshanova

NXT UP is our new platform for artists that we can see making major moves in the next 2 years. Our inaugural post features an exclusive interview with St. Louis artist Freshanova.

TheStupidFresh: Introduce yourself to the people.

Freshanova: “I go by the name of Freshanova aka Ice Lord Slim. I am a rapper, singer and song writer and also the president/co-founder of the New Roman Society.”


TheStupidFresh: And what exactly is the New Roman Society?

Freshanova: “The New Roman Society or “New Romans” is a music group/ brand of geniuses in music and fashion that heavily promote being self made and creating our own fate. The idea came from Julius Caesar and the Roman Empire and how strong they were as a collective and in present day I wanted to embody that and promote the message that we have the power in our hands to make our dreams happen. We rely on us – as an army, as a brotherhood, and as our own society.”

This theme of the “New Roman” was incorporated into Freshanova’s latest project Holy Nova as he vividly paints a picture of the complexities of each day in the life of a ‘new Roman’.

He starts the project with the intro track ‘Modern Day Caesar’ which sets the tone pretty well. He continues on ‘Salt from the Waters’ rapping:

“Kyd fresh was the old me/I done graduated/Made it/Got the flow too legit/Now its gold on my shit like a trophy.”

TSF: Why the name change to Freshanova?

Freshanova: “I started my career as Kyd fresh. I decided to change my name because of my self evolution as a person and as an artist. I was no longer this young “Kyd” with inexperience in song making, nor was I legally one either so I felt with my giant leaps of improvement I wanted to be known as someone who uses music as art form and not just to collect a check or local fame. I wanted to bring this character out to the forefront so I created the god-like persona of Freshanova. Still keeping it close to home by using “Fresh” which stood for not only the way I dress, but by the way I bring something new to hip hop and “Nova” coming from supernova meaning I wanted to be at the highest form of music.”

Freshanova has definitely evolved. ‘Salt from the Waters’ shows his arsenal of artistic versatility. Sammis beats lays down some smooth production and the smooth raps, unique flows, bars, and vocals make this track one of the standouts on the EP.

TSF: Why did you name your project ‘Holy Nova’?

Freshanova: “Holy nova was the 2nd chapter to an EP I released called “Nova Scotia” in the spring of 2015. I decided to name it that because this project reflected an inner confidence in myself that I finally found and was able to express through certain stories told on the album. Holy meaning almost similar to a greek god when it comes to music.”

TSF: What was the creation process behind ‘Holy Nova’?

Freshanova: “The creation process for Holy Nova was different than any other project I’ve done. It was actually written almost 2 years before I recorded any records. I recorded and finished them a year before its 12/22/15 release date. Initially it was supposed to release in 2014 but me and management decided to push it back to make room for Nova Scotia EP which really set up Holy Nova even better because it pretold stories that I continued on this project… But overall the creation process was different than what I do now. I wrote everything out before I recorded, opposed to now where I only jot down hooks and maybe a few bars of a verse to get me started then I record everything organically.”



DRUG$ is one of the best songs on Holy Nova. Freshanova shows off his vocals and unique rap flows.Make sure you check out the newly released video above.

TSF: How is the music scene in your hometown?

Freshanova: “Man honestly I feel as if the music scene in stl is on life support so to speak. The lack of originality and content really puts us behind a lot of different cities when it comes to being a focal point of hip hop because people here are stuck in a box of only wanting to listen to one type of hip hip and more so than anything the support system is almost non existent. But I can say there are  select ones like myself here that still go outside the box and push the envelope sonically”

While the EP has alot of good tracks such as Holy Water, Overdose, and Hollywood (which didn’t really need the featured verse), the biggest standout track for us was ‘Roll The Dice’. It’s a very radio-ready record and could potentially be the next single.

TSF: What advice would you give to young artists?

Freshanova:  “My advice would be push the envelope and don’t be contained to one type of genre or style I would say and most importantly make the type of music YOU like not what is trending at the moment.”


TSF: What’s next for you?

Freshanova: “Next up for me is continuing the Holy Nova city tour I’m hitting many different venues in STL the next few months giving everyone in STL a chance to get a visual of me expressing the album through performances also I plan on releasing the 3rd and final chapter to this music series called “Super Nova” and I plan to drop it by summer.”

The Holy Nova EP shows off the wide range of skill of this St. Louis artist but there are a few points where conceptual depth is lacking. In one breath Freshanova will amaze you with fully thought out concepts and arrangements and in the next breathe the rawness of his talent leaves you looking for more. There’s no doubting the skillset he possesses and we’re definitely looking forward to his next project Super Nova that is set to drop by Summer 2016. Overall, Freshanova dropped a very high quality project that we’re giving a 82/100.

In a city that has been longing for the next big thing,

Freshanova may just be NXT UP.


NXT UP is one of our new platforms for artists that we can see making big moves down the road. Submit your music to us at: stupidfreshblog@gmail.com