The Stupid Fresh was created in 2010, originating as a blog posting the latest sneaker news. Our brand reached it’s pinnacle in the Sneaker World when we also ran a short-lived online Sneaker store under the TSF moniker. As the focus of our brand slowly shifted, so did the posts – leading to a departure from the blogosphere from 2012-2013.

Since our rebirth, we have been slowly getting back into the speed of things from a journalistic perspective. Our focus is no longer the Sneaker Culture – though we will always have a love for it and the avid readers who supported us as a Sneaker Blog. The Stupid Fresh is actually in a period of transition to what we like to call [PROJECT TSF 2.0] – it is our hopes to fully unveil this plan for our 5th year anniversary next April.

Nonetheless, we are still an active blog, with our primary focus shifting from Sneaker Culture to the Underground Music Scene. You may ask, ‘what separates TSF from other hip-hop blogs?’ and we are aware of the copy-and-paste journalism that exists within today’s microwave media era. This is why TSF seeks to provide unique and opinionated perspective with a true sense of journalism.

Sure, we’ll have some of the same content, as we are covering the same culture but we also seek to provide fresh original content and articles that you can’t find on every other blog site. Within 5 years, we hope to become a major curator for the urban culture.